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Whether you’re a complete novice or a fitness fanatic, this easy to follow series of 20 dynamic training programmes will inspire you to achieve your fitness goals. Written by experienced personal trainer, Darren O’Toole, this essential guide provides simple, step-by-step advice on boosting your general fitness. Read More

Come rain or shine, inventing new ways to keep energetic children occupied can be a real challenge. In this handy guide, Nicola Cooper-Abbs, experienced author and Mum of two, helps to lighten the load for parents and carers with practical and easy advice on keeping toddlers happy and healthy. This must-have guide is packed with quick game ideas to fit in with a range of environments and budgets.  Read More

This interactive e-learning course teaches you the basic principles of human anatomy, including how the structure of your bones and joints keep you strong and how your muscles work to burn through fat. Whether you’re using it to start your fitness journey, or as an extra revision guide, it’s the perfect resource to assist in your learning and development. Using the very latest scientific knowledge, the course lets you embrace the principles behind a variety of anatomy and physiology topics and apply these to your own fitness goals. You’ll be introduced to the key concepts of muscular fitness, you’ll gain an understanding of the correct anatomical terms and you’ll learn how lifestyle factors can have an effect on your cardiovascular health. This online package also includes interactive activities and is broken down into several units that can be completed in your own time and at your own pace. The units included in the course are: Principles of muscular and cardiovascular fitness Principles of fitness and nutrition Principles of stretching and motor skills Energy of nervous systems Cardiorespiratory system Muscles of the body Bones and joints Read More

This comprehensive online course provides you with an interactive and engaging way to learn about the bones and the human skeletal system. Broken down into easily digested sections, this course takes you through the structure and function of bones, the different types of joints found in the body (along with their movements) and how exercise affects joints and the skeleton. Read More

  You’ve passed your fitness qualification with flying colours, but what next? Striking out as a self-employed fitness professional can be daunting, but as ever YMCA Awards are here to help with our unique business and marketing courses. If you want to get ahead in the world of business, this course is for you! It details everything you need to achieve a path to success, from the nitty gritty details of the law and business finance to the creation of your mission statement and how to effectively advertise what you’re offering. The online courses can be completed anywhere, any place and come with exercises to practise what you’ve learnt as well as a learning check to test your knowledge. Read More

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: An online learning guide to a diverse, equal and inclusive working enviromment. It takes all types of individuals to make a creative, innovative and active business or organisation. This training will support you in creating a welcoming environment where everyone is treated with dignity and respect, and has the opportunity to achieve. This Equality, Diversity and Inclusion course will support managers and staff to understand the impact of discrimination and inequality within the workplace. It will also outline and explain current legislation and how businesses can ensure they are fully compliant. Read More

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